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I’ve actually sat down several times in the last few months thinking, “I should probably update the blog…” But inevitably I would think of something more pressing I needed to do, like work on a picture or write or…etc. Which is why it’s now May 😛

I’ve managed to keep up my goal of churning out two NW pics per month, although I’ll admit that’s getting harder. I think I left off here at Mermaids…? So, in the order they were done:

Rest Calm:
Rest Calm



Slow, Love, Slow:
Slow, Love, Slow

And I’m currently in the middle of Scaretale. I’m kind of excited about being almost finished with Imaginaerum…with the exception of Song of Myself, which I’m planning to redo on a more epic scale. I’ll finally be able to line up each image and look at the flow of things, start making decisions about how to pull each of these disparate songs together thematically.

(This is why it’s actually a good thing I happened to start this project with Imaginaerum…of all their albums, this one is probably the most thematically tight, with Century Child close behind it.)

After I finish Scaretale, I’m doing While Your Lips Are Still Red as a tribute to Anette, and then I’m going straight into Once. Higher Than Hope and Creek Mary’s Blood are first, since I’ve been looking forward to putting those together.

In the writing realm, meanwhile:

Whoever reads this will probably notice my bad habit of flip-flopping between writing projects. Yeah, I do this. It’s bad. I probably shouldn’t.

I’m going to use the rest of the year to try and crank out The Mask of Eldermarch. I know, I know, I said I was going to work on Grimms, yada, yada. Yes, Grimms is still on the table. But ultimately…I want to write novels. I have so many really awesome novel ideas sitting in my queue, and the only way they’re ever going to get anywhere is if I sit down and write them, one at a bloody time.

The bones of Mask were laid before I started Shades, seven-ish years ago…it’s really about bloody time I got that one done, you know? If I can put Mask behind me, I can sit down and work my way through This Chosen Fate, and if I can do that, I can finally start on Dragon Singer. I’ve been itching to get on that one. I can finally write Dog Prince, Lotus Beach, Whither Thou Goest…all these ideas and characters that have been just gathering dust. I’d like to get started on my epic before I get too old, heh heh…not to mention the other idea for an epic I had recently.

(I could even combine them… O_O As Gru would say, “Lightbulb.” Aaaand, Ima can of worms that right now.)

Anyway, I’ve been trying to write 1000 words a day on Mask. It’s not much, but I figure if I can do that more or less every day, I could finish a draft in four-ish months. That’s not bad.

However, this summer is all up in the air, so to speak, because a large chunk of it may be taken up with moving.

Ah yes, news! The hubby and I decided to start looking for a house, as it’s gotten to the point where it would be costing us about the same to rent as it would to pay on a mortgage. We actually only started the process about three weeks ago, but we’ve made an offer on a house we liked and the owner approved it. However, it’s a short sale house, so now we’ve got to wait for Bankrupt of America to also give their go-ahead. This, we are told, could take a few months…but when it does go through, they will want to close quickly, so we’ll need to be ready.

I imagine I won’t be getting much creative stuff done if we’re in the midst of inspectors and painting and packing and moving and unpacking.

But we’ll have a house. I am so not complaining :)



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