Three and a half years

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I’ve started an audacious, slightly insane project. Actually technically I started it back in September, in that first NW drawing I did. You know, this one:

Song of Myself

After I did the first few, I had no specific ambition to keep going forever. I would just keep listening to the music, keep getting ideas for drawing, and I’d go with it. Honestly the inspiration kept up longer than I expected it to (and it’s not like I minded).

The Siren was the seventh drawing I did (eight if you count Floor’s), and I had three or four ideas still waiting. So I got curious: how long would it actually take me to draw every song? I seemed to be working at about a rate of two drawings per month, and NW has about 97 songs, including B-sides and extras (according to Wikipedia, anyway). Given that, I calculated it would take me about three and a half years…assuming I actually was able to finish two drawings every month.

Well now, that’s a pretty long time.

But then I realized something else. Nightwish isn’t even starting the next album until mid-2014, not hitting the studio until late 2014. That means the new album won’t be out until mid-2015 at the very earliest, assuming no weird delays. That means they probably won’t be touring again until 2016. And if they follow the same basic pattern they used with the Imaginaerum tour, that means they won’t tour North America again until the fall of 2016.

Which happens to be, almost precisely, three and a half years from now.

Coincidence? Of course. But one that’s too perfect not to exploit.

So I am determined to make a drawing for every NW song, from Angels Fall First through Imaginaerum (my calculations right now can’t include the new future album’s material, and Imaginaerum is a good enough stopping point). When I’ve done that, I’m going to bind them all together in some kind of book, probably with some extra drawings scattered throughout. The dead boy, the wolves, the beast, the snow, the ocean, etc. I already know what would be on the cover: a campfire, and the lyric “once I had a dream…” (For those unversed in NW lore, Tuomas apparently first got the idea for Nightwish while sitting by a campfire).

I see this project as kind of a visual journey through NW’s music, and yes, I would totally be giving this to them next time they hit the US.

The rational part of my mind keeps asking, “Why are you doing this? Is it really healthy to dedicate so much time and effort to what is essentially a fangirl project?” And the question really does bother me on some level. I mean, yeah I love NW’s music, I’m a fan…but it’s not like I can claim it’s drastically changed my life, or that I’ve gone through such-and-such traumatic experience and their music got me through it…nothing like that.

The only answer I have to why I want to do this is as simple as it is borderline egotistical. Their music is awesome, I know I can create an awesome piece of art to go with it, and I want to do it. Something about their music activates the “OmgIMustDrawThis” bug in me. I don’t know why, but it does, so why not just go with it? I mean, why do I write novels? Because I have a story in my head that I think is awesome, usually inspired by another story I thought was awesome. That’s kinda how art works, you know?

I think there’s always going to be that little voice in the back of my mind accusing me of just showing off, or doing art just to impress people, or trying to prove myself. Maybe I just need to shut that voice out.

Anyway, I may create a separate page to chronicle this project, as I think I’m going to have a lot of fun with it.



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