What does twitter, revisions, and third person POV have in common?

Posted by nightphoenix on June 5, 2012 in Novels, Output, Process |

The Nightphoenix would like to Hulksmash them, that’s what.

For some reason, I cannot get my twitter plugin to tweet my blog posts on the new MariahMBird page. The best I’ve been able to do is STOP it from continuing to post them on the old page. I have imputted my new username and password into the appropriate fields, exactly what I did for the old page, but…nothing. I am baffled. I may resort to uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin.

I’ve started revising Promises, Like Tears. Remember how I was all like, this manuscript is a mess? Um, yeah. It’s a mess. I am confident it is a fixable mess, and so far it isn’t being a difficult mess, but…there’s just a lot going on in that story, and I have a lot of character motivation to untangle and restring. My first task is to break my chapters into individual scenes, and summarize each scene. Already I’ve tagged some things to move around. When I finish, I will have essentially an index card of each scene, and that’s when I’ll spread them out and shuffle them around.

This is not an efficient way to do things, btw. I just finished writing a scene-by-scene breakdown of Free, and I intend to do the same thing with the last Shades book. It’s funny, I always tagged myself as more of a discovery writer, but I actually function a whole lot better when I outline the hell out of things. We’ll see how the three pass outlining technique works when I actually start writing Free…see how much I’m tempted to deviate from the script.

I did start a first chapter of Free today, actually. Thus the last item on my Hulksmash list. I’ve been writing solely in first person for two books (and more years) now, but Free, having alternating viewpoints and a complex world, needs a third person narrative. And…it’s a paradigm shift. Sitting on a character’s shoulder feels weird after being inside a head for so long. I can’t channel the character’s voice directly (which is something I now realize I’ve been doing). I was just dumping ideas on the page, trying to find the narrative thread. Trying to find the narrator, really, because I’m so used to the character BEING the narrator.

I finally started to get somewhere when I began describing the room, and some of the oddities of the world. Part of the reason I decided to do this one in third person was because the world, itself, needed a viewpoint…in a sense. (I ain’t touching omniscient with a ten-foot pole). My narrator is someone who knows this world, who witnesses these characters’ lives, their love triangle as it plays out, and simply follows it to the end. Part of this narrator’s job is to make it difficult to cheer for any one character in the triangle over another. Intimately involved but there’s still that sense of detachment. Writing myself into that was hard.

By the way, cats are wonderful creatures. When I get the urge to Hulksmash things, I go pet a cat instead. Does wonders. Every writer should have a cat.

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