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…from Tennessee, that is. Went on a trip with Eli and my mom to her property up there. It was fun and relaxing, except for the part when we almost hit a deer. That was kind of scary. No internet or cell phone service up there, so I’ve been a bit out of touch these last couple of days. This is kind of a long post. Update, and (another) new idea.

I was able to get some work done on both Shades and Smell of November, and did some more brainstorming/researching on To Wake a Windmaker. Tennessee is where the kudzu is, after all, and one of my creatures in that story is a sort of kudzu giant. Took some pictures, and decided to base the anatomy of these creatures on gorillas. Long arms, short legs, walk kind of hunched. Found out that the whole Appalachian Trail can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to hike…not a weekend sort of thing, you know? So I’ve decided that Quintin and one or two of his buddies try to start a software company, or something, and it fails rather miserably. This isn’t the first of Quintin’s failed business ventures, and he’s become rather discouraged. So he decides to basically drop off the face of the planet for about 6 months, and do something he’d never normally do: hike.

Which is how a non-outdoors-ish computer software designer has the means/time/motivation to hike the Appalachian Trail.

Also, what vacation would be complete without me coming up with yet another story idea? Rather than coming from a dream, however, this one came from a random notion while reading Elantris (again). You know how many religions have a list or set of circumstances which must be accomplished in the world, and once they are, their God will supposedly come down to earth and reign? (Fjordell) Usually those circumstances involve making believers out of everyone in the world, by sword if necessary. And usually the protagonists of any given story will be pitted against said religion, so that the whole world doesn’t get conquered.

But what would happen if Fjordell had managed to destroy Elantris and convert the entire world…and then Jaddeth never showed up? Would the leaders freak out, or uncover/invent some unfinished clause that’s preventing their God’s descent? Would the people become disillusioned? Would they rise up against the religious leaders? Would the system collapse? What would take its place? (The answers to all these questions probably lie in how sincere any given believer is).

That was my random thought. It was particularly intriguing to me because there are several sects of real world believers who hold to a similar doctrine. One day every knee will bow, and so on. Once a certain set of circumstances are fulfilled, God will come and reign on earth. Whether or not it is thought that believers have any control over how and when said events will happen depends on how fringe the sect is…some believe that they have a responsibility to hasten the Apocalypse, through violence if necessary. So what would happen if every event in Revelation happened just as it was written, except Jesus never made that second appearance? What would happen if human hands had wrought said Apocalypse in the hopes that Jesus, or Allah, or Yahweh, or whoever, would come? I mean, what would a religion do if its God failed it that spectacularly?

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