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I decided to listen to my Dragon Singer soundtrack today in the car, which of course got me thinking about it. I did a little brainstorming with the hubby during lunch. Yeah, my brain is scattery like that. Am in the process of making a few revisions.

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My ideas keep spawning bigger ideas. My queue is getting a little ridiculous.


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  • goldi8472 says:

    I liked the book idea better. I don’t want to influence your vision for the story, but since technology is constantly changing and advancing, it seems too easy to use something like a website, chat room, or anything technologically based. A non-techy object like a book could, in their time, be seen as being very outdated and possibly nearing its end. Because of that I think it would be more mysterious, in my opinion. It also would be like something old bringing together two people to start something new. The company that creates that particular sketchbook could be called Spindlewyrd. hehe

    I’m also wondering if communicating via chat makes them falling in love seem too easy… communicating through a book could bring about limitations that they would have to work around.

    I’ll have to read over your other Dragon Singer posts… I’m forgetting how the story works… you’ve got me confused with him receiving her last communication to him…. and then the communication starts…?…. but if it was her last post, technically (I thought) she should be in limbo because I thought she went to sing to a dragon and then was never heard from again…. well, if she was gone, how does the communication start up after her last communication?

  • I actually thought about some of those things you mentioned, about keeping it a book, and you’ve given me a few other things to consider. The trick is making it futuristic, but not gimmicky. A chatroom might appeal to younger readers more than a sketchbook would…but as you said, a sketchbook might actually be the more mysterious object in a culture that’s gone mostly paperless. Each could create its own set of problems for Rane and Miriam (sketchbooks can be lost, pages destroyed, more difficult to carry around on dragon slaying missions, etc…whereas anything online could get erased, or tracked, unreadable if one’s device isn’t working).

    As to the communication confusion, the nature of dealing with different times makes the whole thing inherently confusing. Rane (as Miriam knows him) actually only exists 16 years in Miriam’s future, which means that she could, in her current time, cross paths with a younger Rane (who would, of course, have no idea who she is yet). Just before she goes to sing to the dragon in NYC, she sends the text to the Rane who exists in her time…to make sure that in his future, he will be waiting to talk to her. In Miriam’s time, that has already happened. But to the younger Rane living in Miriam’s time, it hasn’t happened yet. Miriam knows she has to send that text because Rane told her that’s why he was waiting.

    Miriam is essentially doing something that Rane has told her she’s already done.

  • goldi8472 says:

    Okay, I’m good again on the communcation. Thanks. :-)

    When you get around to working on Dragon Singer like you are currently doing on Shades, I’ll be interested to see where the story goes and how it ends up with how Rane and Miriam communicate. Oh, and I don’t think I did, but I hope I didn’t offend you with my thoughts. When I read your chat room thing, it’s not horrible, but something inside of me just cringed. But, whatever you decide, I’m sure it will still be a good story.

    Mistress of Feathers? Where did that come from?

  • I wasn’t offended in the least! I would rather know about any cringe-worthy story elements now than after the story is written. 😀 And it’s good to know what people think…besides me and the hubby (who is subjected to my thoughts on stories, um, often). So, thank you!

    Mistress of Feathers is actually my admin self. I really should have logged out and back in as Nightphoenix, but alas, I wasn’t paying attention.

    And now I comment again with the same user for the sake of continuity.

  • goldi8472 says:

    Mistress of Feathers, nightphoenix… I figured it out. It’s all good. :-)

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