When the muse would rather do laundry…

Posted by nightphoenix on August 18, 2009 in Novels, Output |

…then I know I’ve hit a rough spot in my writing.

I think my dislike of laundry stems from the fact that, unlike other household chores, you can’t just get it over with. You put the clothes in the washer, and then you have to go do something else while they wash. This can either be productive, like cleaning the kitchen or writing, or unproductive, like browsing the internet. I hate writing while the laundry is going, because I’m either going to forget and leave wet clothes in the washer for hours, or I’m going to be interrupted when the clothes get done and lose my train of thought. Then you have to move them to the dryer, and wait some more. Then you have to hang them up. (As the hubby will confirm, I tend to skip this step…by the time the clothes finish drying, I’m too tired/bored/irritated to do it).

Most of laundry time consists of doing other things while the clothes are washing/drying. That should be great, except that it’s not. I can’t leave the house, or do anything that’s going to make me forget about the laundry. It’s irritating, because I cannot allow myself to become absorbed in another project. I don’t want to start anything because I know I’m going to get interrupted. If I have to do a household chore, I prefer to just take a block of time and get it done. Laundry, until they invent instantaneous washers and dryers, is not a chore you can do that with.

My writing, as I mentioned in the last post, goes sluggishly. I’ve hit bumps before, but this one makes me particularly nervous because I’m writing what ought to be the most exciting part of the story. If I’m not feeling the excitement, how the heck are my readers going to feel it? I know part of this is just my desire to be done, which is sucking the enjoyment out of the process. The main problem is that I know how the story ends. In order to get there, certain things must happen in a particular order. I have this all plotted out…I know where everyone needs to be, what they need to do, and what needs to happen. However, I’m a natural seat-of-the-pants kind of writer, so writing to a script is difficult for me. I like to have a general idea of where things are going, and then let the characters get there however they will. I especially like it when they surprise me. However, in writing this climax, the stakes have changed a little.

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